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A beautiful re-bundling, Medley, and Bloom

Rick Benger
Rick Benger
I’ve been thinking about belonging. The felt-sense that one is at home in group, place, or process. The soul at ease in relation with the universe. Gemeinschaftsgefühl.
The pandemic has afforded us a collective reckoning with belonging. With a common injury and life-stories on hold, came the permission to hurt and whinge and question and hope together. Globally, at networked memespeed.
Now, in reunion, the chance for a beautiful re-bundling — a reimagining of how we work and play, a re-wilding of our common spaces, and a renaissance of collective spirit.
Thus, Medley and Bloom.
Medley is a third space and an experiment in gathering, bonding, and belonging.
Rick Benger
Introducing @medleyberlin.

It can be a neighborhood living room, a studio, a library, a gallery. A teahouse and a dance floor. A 'third space' where you can be your nerdy-self or playful-self or work-self.

It currently looks like this. Our intention, as founding hosts,
This space will be my work focus for a while. I’m grateful for a rare confluence, a sense of no compromise: that my contribution to Medley will expand and fortify my contributions to Noah, friends, community.
Much more to come. I’ll be sharing more on Twitter.
Bloom Collective
We’re comrades in art and life. Proof, for me, that the compartmentalising of life into work/play, colleagues/friends, is tantamount to never loving at all to protect oneself from loss.
I haven’t written or read much since the pandemic started. I experience the absence with confused pain. Some atrophy of soul… and I hesitate, knowing how unexercised my expressive faculties are, how inert my taste and sensibilities… can’t attempt a thought-feeling like that without some real time and wrangling.
Yet, the only way is through. I leave you with “some atrophy of soul” and some fortitude to hit publish.
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Rick Benger
Rick Benger @rickbenger

stories and experiments of belonging, kinship and renaissance.

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