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I Love You But

Rick Benger
Rick Benger
ode to the babe

I love you but you’re boring.
same old wriggle
same old fuss.
humdrum humdrum
nappiesful of tedium.
I love you but enough
of this banal melodrama.
I have needs too you know—
to be undistracted,
to meander in thought,
to be near water, alone.
I love you but I swear
absence makes the heart grow fonder
absinthe makes the harp Jane Fonda
is that thought or memory?
speak, mind! quiet, child!
murderer of wits.
I love you but soft,
you enchanter, hypnotiser.
our routine of wonder—
we read it again, drink it again
sing and then sing it again.
I love you when you’re boring.
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Rick Benger
Rick Benger @rickbenger

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